CHANCE to Shine continues to breathe new life into PE lessons on the Wirral thanks to the work of Cheshire Cricket Board Development and Coaching Officer, Owen Williamson.

As the 2011/12 academic year draws to a conclusion, primary school children from across the Wirral peninsula have been competing in a series of Kwik Cricket festivals, displaying the skills and sportsmanship the Chance to Shine scheme has helped to nurture.

And though the programme has just five weeks left to run in 2012, the legacy of Chance to Shine will live on in the many schools Owen has visited.



“I have been teaching PE in Primary schools for over 30 years and Owen is a breath of fresh air,” said Jean McCormick, PE coordinator at Overleigh St Marys Primary School.

“The sessions have been well planned, well balanced, innovative and fully inclusive.

“The children love his sessions and arrive full of enthusiasm and leave with more skills and knowledge.

“He has lots of new ideas which I beneift from as well as the children, indeed I repeat his lessons the following day with the year six group.

“Chance to Shine is a superb coaching scheme and I am so gald Overleigh managed to become a part of it. Many thanks.”


This glowing reference was echoed by Sally Fitzpatrick at nearby Greenleas Primary School, where Owen recently completed a six-week coaching block which included a well-attended after school club.

Sally said: “We have been delighted with the coaching Owen has delivered at our school.

“The curriculum coaching developed the children’s skills and also encouraged them to work as part of a team, while the after-school sessions catered for those that had already expressed an interest in the sport.

“Owen’s staff meeting on ideas to teach cricket was a very enjoyable event and staff took a lot from it, with all the different activities demonstrated or shown. Thank you Cheshire and Chance to Shine for all your support.”


Pupils from Greenleas competed in the recent Kwik Cricket festival at local club Wallasey, alongside children from Park Primary School, where Gareth Williams is the PE coordinator.

Mr Williams said Owen had created a “buzz about cricket” within the school and helped to foster a love of the game amongst both staff and pupils.

He said: “Owen demonstrated a fantastic relationship with the children he worked with who responded extremely well to his teaching and were keen to succeed and improve in their skills.

“The after school club also proved to be a success and has created a buzz about cricket within the school.

“The children really enjoyed the Kwik cricket festival we entered and I hope their enthusiasm will continue into playing junior cricket in years to come.”