Player’s Charity Fundraising page with Total Giving
This winter the Cheshire Cricket Board will once again be running their sponsored charity fitness Yoyo test during all Excellence and District courses.

The Yoyo Test

The Yoyo test is a fitness test designed to measure an individuals ability to endure long periods of activity combined with periods of short breaks. It involves a series of timed sprints which increases intermittently in speed as the levels progress. The test is run every winter as part of CCB's fitness testing and is run bi-annually as a sponsored charity event.

Our Chosen Charities

We hope that all participants will help raise funds for our three chosed charities; 'Opening Up', Children with Cancer and the Cheshire Cricket Trust.

Opening Up
Opening Up promotes mental wellbeing and suicide prevention through cricket. The charity has already worked with a number of clubs in the Cheshire network and the organisation was nominated by Cheshire youth players in the Emerging Player Programme as their chosen charity.
'Our sessions focus on positive mental health for sport and beyond. We look forward to working with Cheshire Cricket Board to give as many player as possible an increased awareness of how to look after their mental health'.

Children with Cancer UK
Children With Cancer UK is a UK-based charity dedicated to raising money for research and providing care for children with cancer and their families. The aims of its research projects are to understand what causes children to get cancer and to develop improved treatments.

Cheshire Cricket Trust
The Cheshire Cricket Trust is a charitable organisation founded in 2012 to support cricket associated activities within the county. Most recently, the Cheshire Cricket Trust have supported cricket clubs with funding for defibrilators for clubs and heart screenings for young people across the county.

Raising Sponsorship

Players can use our standard form to generate sponsorship and record donations, and on completion hand the form and sponsorship monies to their lead coach. Alternatively, and preferably, players can set up their own Total Giving page as below. Share a link to your page with family and friends so they can make donations on line.

Note to Player/Parent/Guardian – To receive Sponsorship monies we encourage you to set up a Player’s own Fundraising page with Total Giving. Click the blue 'FUNDRAISE' button and follow the instructions. Share your child's own page link with family and friends so they can donate on line.

Thank you for you support!