The County League will continue to operate its 3rd Xl league structure in 2019 as well as offering those Cheshire based clubs who do not wish to take part in the leagues the opportunity to arrange friendly games.

Apart from the Premier Division, the leagues will continue to operate on a regional basis to minimise travel.

We would encourage all Cheshire based clubs to participate in the leagues if at all possible to increase participation, and to offer the opportunity to develop their junior players.

Clubs are encouraged to enter a joint side with neighbouring clubs if they are not certain of being able to field a side from their own resources.

Could you please email Peter Lawson advising him if your Club wishes to enter team(s) in the League in 2019,
AND/OR if you wish to play in some friendly matches.

Clubs currently participating in the leagues will be deemed to wish to continue doing so if they do not reply to the contrary.

The deadline for replies is 31st December 2018.

The exact structure of the leagues will be determined when the replies have been analysed.

Marcus Fisher will again be looking after the organisation of friendly games. He will contact those clubs interested to ascertain their requirements in terms of number of games, distance of games, etc. early in the New Year.

Peter Lawson