Clydesdale Bank is excited to be launching their Howzat! campaign giving you the opportunity to win one of twenty Ł1,000 prizes for a cricket club or community scheme.


To be in with a chance of winning, you simply need to film your best ‘Howzat!’ appeal and upload it to the Howzat! App. Our judging panel, which includes Clydesdale Bank Ambassadors Alastair Cook, Alec Stewart and Paul Collingwood, are looking for the most unique, creative and enthusiastic appeal.


You can start uploading your videos when the first “Over” of the Howzat! campaign starts, so why not get together with your friends, teammates and colleagues and start filming now! Stumped for ideas? Here are a few top tips to help make your entry a winning one!


·         How many people in the video? The great thing about a ‘Howzat!’ appeal is that it can be a one man show or include a whole team. We say the bigger the better, after all cricket is a team sport!

·         Where do I film? Whilst the ‘Howzat!’ appeal resonates on the cricket pitch and we’re all for tradition, at Clydesdale Bank we want to encourage you to get out and about in your community – there are no ‘boundaries’ to where you set your video.

·         Does it have to be about cricket? We’re looking for creativity so get busy thinking about a fun theme for your video but don’t stray too far from the cricket appeal roots.


If you need some further ideas, watch our Howzat! campaign video here


As you know cricket likes its laws of the game and so our Howzat! campaign comes with a few of its own. You can read these in full when you submit your video but here is taster of how it will work:


-          Only one entry per Facebook profile. Your cricket club teammates can all enter one video though.

-          The twenty winners of a Ł1,000 prize will be selected in three stages, or as we like to call them, “Overs”.

-          Winners will be selected on 20 July, 24 August and 27 September.

-          Vote for your favourite entries of the “Over” (only one vote per entry) and then top ten voted for videos will go forward to the judging panel who will select the winners.

-          Winners must spend their Ł1,000 on a cricket club or community project. Mix and match as you wish!


So get thinking, get filming and get ready to upload your video! Most importantly have some fun!


Cricket fans are invited to film their most creative ‘Howzat!’ appeals and upload them to our Facebook page

See Paul Collingwood explaining everything on the ECB website (,2706,BP.html).

See our July winner Lechlade CC’s effort for inspiration. .

You can see the other five cricket clubs who also won Ł1,000 grants by going on the Facebook page and clicking on the Howzat app (the best entries will be under the ‘Popular’ tab).