A Cricket Partnership between Cheshire Cricket Board and Cheshire's Schools
Feedback from Teachers

'> Thank you to Jo (Herbertson). Our pupils really enjoyed the opportunity to play in this competitive Girls Kwik Cricket festival and to experience playing at a "real cricket club". It was lovely to see the girls developing throughout the day and we have really benefited from having both yourself and James (Hendry) working at Stockport School. It was also lovely to have our Cheshire girls as role models - thank you. '

Debbie, Stockport School

'The children produced some great Cricket to watch at the Warrington Kwick Cricket Festival. I really enjoyed it. All my pupils tried to bowl overarm, which was great. Some big shots were interspersed with some johnny head in the air haymaker misses. Some stunning fielding. At the break when we had played our games what do you think they did? Played cricket to have fun. Cheshire Cricket and my staff have taught them to enjoy Cricket. Thank you to James Hendry - he has been a top class bloke this term. Should be more like him.'

EG, Samuel Laycock School

'Fantastic sessions enjoyed by all children regardless of age or ability. Ben Tomlinson created a fun and exiting working atmosphere by bringing new games to each session to teach related skills. His manner with the children was also excellent providing challenge and encouragement in a safe environment. We would definitely like to be involved again if possible.'

AP - Teacher, Weaver PS

'We have enjoyed having Ben Tomlinson in the department to support the delivery of Cricket. He has been very professional; he is always punctual, well presented and he prepares well for his sessions.
He has a good manner with teh students and he has engaged the students with a numberv of enjoyable sessions that have also helped them develop the relevant technical skills.'

Staff Member, Fallibroome Academy

'All of our year 4 and 5 children had fun whilst learning new skills. They were delivered in a friendly and fun way which was adapted depending on the children's ability. The sessions opened up a new sport for children to access, those who might not have thought about playing cricket before.
Mark Greaves was brilliant and focused on those who needed extra support. He also stretched the more able children. There were a variety of games that were played which reinforced the skills needed to play cricket without children realising that they were playing cricket.
A brilliant set of sessions that we can't wait to have again!'

LC - Teacher, Grange Community Primary School

'Many thanks to Bob Milne and Chance to Shine for a fantastic learning experience for the children, which was delivered in a fun and exciting way.'

SD - Teacher, Ravenbank CP School, Lymm

'The children and myself thoroughly enjoyed the programme of Chance to Shine activities run by Stewart Macleod. Observing Stewart's coaching was excellent professional development for myself, hopefully helping me to provide improved teaching in P.E.. Stewart's presence raised the profile of cricket in both schools - hopefully this will have a knock on effect on the numbers of children who attend our local cricket clubs.'

MC - Teacher, St Mary’s/ Marlfields

'All the children and staff really look forward to their cricket lessons with Mark Greaves. They are always well organised, focused and fun. It is great to see how well the children improve their ball and batting skills after these sessions. All the children are very engaged and keen to do their best. It is also brilliant for the staff as Mark brings fresh ideas and new ways of organising warm ups and cool downs which are really useful. Thank you Mark for everything you bring to us.'

AM - Teacher, St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School

'The cricket sessions delivered by Mark Greaves were always really well organised and the children really enjoyed them. They were taught skills which they were then able to apply to a game situation. I know that some children really made progress with specific skills as well as having a greater awareness of the game through the weekly sessions. The children were praised well for their efforts and achievements and it was lovely to see rewards being given to individuals!
Thank you Chance to Shine and Cheshire Cricket Board'

LK - Teacher, Witton Church walk C of E Primary School

'We have found the Chance to Shine programme well planned and organised and tailored to meet the children’s needs. The children really enjoy the sessions and learn and practise many basic cricketing skills. Teachers also have the opportunity to work alongside an experienced coach which means they can then take the skills they learn into their own teaching. Mark Greaves forms a very good relationship with the children and ensures that all children, whatever their ability or disability, are included fully in the lessons. Thanks once again for some fantastic coaching. We are looking forward to having the coaching next year.'

AM - Teacher, Barnton Community Primary School

'The coaching from Gareth Moorhouse in our school has been fantastic, as always! Since having the Chance to Shine scheme in our school, not only have I seen more children each year attending my own after school club but also joining one of our local teams. Thank you very much for giving our pupils this wonderful opportunity.'

AT - Teacher, Stalyhill Junior School

'The coaching sessions and after school club run by Gareth Moorhouse were well organised and enjoyed by the children. The children's skills and understanding have improved with the C2S Scheme. The school team organised by Gareth was very successful in the district Kwik Cricket Competition at Hyde CC.'

AG - Teacher, Yew Tree Primary

'Absolutely brilliant, the girls loved the cricket sessions – they improved their skills and knowledge and really enjoyed having Owen Williamson teach them. I as their PE teacher picked up some great ideas for games! Owen had a lovely maner with the girls and made them feel confident to have a go at the challenges. Thank you very much, we would love to have Owen back!!'

HW - Teacher, The Catholic High School, Chester

'Gareth Moorhouse's Coaching was delivered to a range of ages and abilities all of whom have gone on to both represent school and have joined local teams if they were not members before the sessions. 2 have gone on to represent the area. They were all given the confidence to believe that they were capable of improving in some way each session and have used that confidence to move on in cricket. The sessions were all fun based with a definite aim in mind each week and the boys really enjoyed them I hope that we will get the opportunity to be offered the coaching again next year'

AC - Teacher, West Hill School

'Stewart Macleod has been coaching a variety of age groups in our school and all the children have enjoyed the sessions. Children have developed as players as well as increased their levels of understanding, thanks to Stewart's excellent, friendly approach. Thank you for giving our children the chance to shine!'

Teacher, Beeston, Sound and District PS

'Stewart Macleod has been coaching a variety of age groups in our school and all the children have enjoyed the sessions. Children have developed as players as well as increased their levels of understanding, thanks to Stewart's excellent, friendly approach. Thank you for giving our children the chance to shine!'

Teacher, Beeston, Sound and District PS

'I have learned a lot through seeing Gareth MoorhouseGareth in action with the children. I have some practical ideas as to how to engage the children in activities to develop cricket skills rather than just charging in there and setting up a game so the main thing I have gained is an understanding of how to break down the skills that go into developing children as cricketers and I will be able to incorporate this into my own future practice.
On another note, I am always keen to develop my own questioning techniques with the children in all lesson contexts and I have to say, I thought Gareth was a great example of how to develop the children’s understanding through questioning.
By the final session, I was able to reflect on the fact that the children had made lots of progress in terms of the number of balls now being hit, those being caught and the strategic teamwork of fielders.
Thank you for the experience.

SM - Teacher, Broadbent Fold PS, Tameside

'Gareth Moorhouse spent half a term coaching my class. The children learnt a range of new skills and really enjoyed the experience. He also provided an after-school club and helped to improve the skills of the cricket team. We then entered a competiton and played well enough to reach the finals. On a personal note I feel that I have feel more confident to teach children cricket and have learnt a range of good games and skill based activities. Much appreciated.'

SE - Teacher, Broadbent Fold PS, Tameside

'We have enjoyed the expert tuition of Colin Grindey on Tuesday mornings. I too have learned new skills and teachning methods in light of Colin’s expertise. I have seen the children grow in skill and confidence and they participated well at the cricket tournament.'

MR - Teacher, Alderley Edge Community Primary

'The children really enjoyed the Cricket coaching from Colin Grindey. They loved the fun games and couldn’t wait for Colin to come in! Teachers gained valuable experience and have some great sessions to include within their own PE teaching. The Y6 teachers have already said which activities they have used, ludo style warm ups. Diamond cricket etc.. The cricket team anjoyed competing in the Inter schools tournament in Knutsford and Finals held in Macclesfield. We would hope to get coaching next year if possible too!'

JH - Teacher

"The Chance to Shine is a fabulous scheme and Cheshire Cricket Board Development & Coaching Officer Colin Grindey is an asset to the team. He manages the children extremely well, particularly with the mixed year groups, ensuring all children are making progress but also having lots of fun!
A few comments from the children: Lucy-Class 3 - 'The cricket was great because Colin planned lots of fun activities so we were learning something new each week. He also helped us with our throwing and catching skills too.'
Niall-Class 3 - 'I looked forward to Wednesdays because I knew we were learning cricket skills…I loved it!'
Isaac-Class 2 - 'P.E. lessons aren’t going to be the same, Colin was a great teacher.'
Very many thanks for all your hard work!"

Teacher, Pott Shrigley Church School

"We have been really pleased with the Chance to Shine programme delivered to us by Cheshire Cricket Board Development & Coaching Officer Colin Grindey. The children thoroughly enjoy the experience he offers and are fully engaged with the programme. Colin is always professional and reliable and his teaching skills and methods are excellent. He is able to engage all the children in the sport."

Teacher, St. Alban’s RC Primary School, Macclesfield

"The children have loved taking part in the Chance to Shine program. Cheshire Cricket Board Development & Coaching Officer Gavin Colebourn has been able to work with all the children in Key Stage 2, completing sessions during curriculum time and offering after school clubs too. He has motivated the staff and children with his energy and passion for the game and has taught the children many new skills, which are developing all the time. Staff have always spoken incredibly highly of the skills, games and techniques Gavin has completed with the children and there is no better professional development than watching someone of Gavin's experience working with your children. Many of our children have started to play for Marple Cricket Club, including several girls, who realised they had a desire to play on a regular basis. I could not be happier with the success of the program and how the children have developed a real enthusiasm for cricket, which I share myself. I would like to thank everyone involved, especially Gavin for his complete commitment and motivation and Marple Cricket Club for their continued support."

Teacher, Rose Hill Primary School

"The Year 5 children have really enjoyed the cricket coaching. They look forward to the lessons every week and have enjoyed expanding their knowledge of the game. Other children have found hidden talents and an enjoyment of a game that they would otherwise have thought dull. They were thrilled to hear that there would be further opportunities this half term. The staff have enjoyed the chance to learn from Cheshire Cricket Board Development & Coaching Officer Gavin Colebourn's knowledge and have taken notes to use in their own planning. A really good exercise in Professional Development for them. The Teaching Assistants have equally enjoyed the sessions and have encouraged their children to take part in an after school cricket club. Thank you very much! "

Teacher, Romiley Primary School.

"The communication before, during and after the sessions was excellent. The weather was not perfect but Cheshire Cricket Board Development & Coaching Officer Mark Greaves was always prepared to take out the children who were still keen despite the cold. Mark had a very good manner with the children, even commenting when their behaviour was not as good as in previous weeks which had the effect of motivating them to improve behaviour the following week. He was positive and built up a good rapport with the children very quickly. The children enjoyed the sessions which were fun and they were always keen to succeed in the session or to win the game. Overall the children really enjoyed the sessions and some have started at cricket clubs on the back of this. "

Teacher, Hartford Primary School.

"I cannot believe it is Mark Greaves, Development & Coaching Officer's last session with us next week at Kingsley St John's School. The children have loved every minute of their time with him and the cricket. I usually have children 'forgetting' their kit when it is sport but I can honestly say each and everyone of the children have looked forward and enjoyed your sessions. What is particularly nice is the things the children have said after the sessions.......
Jessica Y6 - I never thought I could do cricket but Mark has helped me and I am quite good now!!
Orla Y5 - I never liked cricket and would never have thought of playing it but it has been real fun and I have enjoyed it.
William Y5 - I use to just play football but now I can't wait for Tuesday and the cricket!!!!
Toby Y5 - I think Mark and the cricket are great. Can we keep playing cricket it is so much fun!!!
These are just a sample and I know 2 of the children have passed on thank you letters to Mark. They were given the task of writing a thank you letter to someone who had come into school and impressed them. We have many people in and out of KSJ but they chose to write to Mark!! When Mark first contacted me and talked about Chance to Shine and the cricket I was not sure because of the time of year but it has been fantastic. He really did shine and gave my class their time to shine - THANK YOU. "

Senior Teacher, Kingsley St. John's C.E Aided Primary School.

"The Chance to Shine programme has been a superb opportunity to promote activity and enjoyment through cricket. The quality of the coaching provided has been of an exceptionally high standard, and as a result the children have benefitted in a range of ways: improvement in skill development has been rapid; staff and children have developed a deeper understanding of the game; and most of all, the children have had great fun. As a result of the programme, several children have expressed an interest in joining local clubs. Thanks very much to Mark Greaves Development & Coaching Officer, for leading such informative and entertaining sessions. Please, please come back next year!"

Teacher, Kingsley County Primary School.

'Class 11 thoroughly enjoyed their cricket coaching with Owen Williamson, Development & Coaching Officer. They learned a great deal about the basic skills involved and were enthusiastic and responsive to all Owen's instructions. The Chance to Shine scheme is a great initiative and we are now looking forward to the competition this summer. With many thanks to Owen from Class 11 and teacher"

Teacher, St Albans Primary.

'Thank you to Owen Williamson, Development & Coaching Officer for the curriculum cricket coaching which he delivered to our Primary School children. The children thoroughly enjoyed the varied sessions involving skills practise and fun games. Their skills have already progressed and they have been keen to find when they can do it again. I have seen an increase in the children practising their cricket skills during play and lunch times (both from the boys and girls). Owen's professional attitude and excellent coaching has enabled the children to develop skills and a love for the game of cricket. The staff have also commented how much they have enjoyed and learned from the sessions.'

DP - Teacher, Heswall

'To watch how much the children have progressed in their cricket skills has been wonderful. The skills were taught with a sense of fun, purpose and enjoyment. The children particularly enjoyed putting their new found skills to use in the games we played every session. If you want your child or pupils to develop their skills in cricket then these Chance to Shine coaching sessions are perfect.'

Mrs L - Eastway Primary

'My class enjoys the cricket lessons from Mark Greaves each week. The children look forward to a Tuesday afternoon and are responding so well to the coaching sessions, I can already see an improvement in many of them.'

TB - Teacher, Antrobus St Mark's

'Gareth Moorhouse had an excellent manner with the children and generated great enthusiasm for the sport whilst also demanding and maintaining good discipline. Excellent organisation of resources. His lessons were well-planned, pitched at the right level and geared to different abilities. Lots of fun activities. He had a good mix of activities for improving a range of skills as well as playing full games.'

Chris Bounds - Grappenhall Heys Primary School

'Gareth Moorhouse's coaching to our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils has been described by the Teachers as some of the best sports coaching we've ever had at the school. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and the teachers were extremely impressed by his manner with the children. The excellent skills drills were innovative, highly effective, and great fun for the children. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been involved in the coaching and are looking forward to Gareth's coaching sessions with our Year 5 and 6 pupils after the Christmas break.'

Rob Blanchet - Twiss Green Primary, Culcheth

'Development & Coaching Officer, Gavin Colebourn has worked with both our year 6 classes throughout the term as well as running a one off cricket fun morning with year 5s from another feeder school. We have been delighted with this addition to our games curriculum. The sessions have been well received by the children providing great skills practise, fun fitness activities and small competitive opportunities. Lots of the children have told us that they have really enjoyed the sessions and find cricket a fun sport, looking forward to the lesson each week. The teachers observing the session say they picked up lots of ideas on how to deliver cricket that they will try in future. They all thought the sessions were well planned and that the children progressed over the course of the sessions. We were also really pleased that the final session involved an intra school competition for the children which will be a useful addition to our PESSYP return next summer.'

Clare Elsegood - PE Coordinator, Woodley Primary School

'As a consequence of the coaching the children in years 4, 5 and 6 received from Gareth Moorhouse a Cheshire Cricket Board Development & Coaching Officer, we now have many more children linked to local cricket clubs, including a number of girls. Furthermore, the school took part in World Cricket Day during the summer term which proved to be very enjoyable. Both the girls and mixed cricket teams also enjoyed immensely the Kwik cricket tournaments and it was touching to see children, who do not always enjoy success in other sports, taking the field with a sense of pride. Most noticeably, I believe the greatest impact on the children is in their attitude to fair play, good sportsmanship and respect for others involved in the game. This is an area which will impact on all aspects of sport, both within and outside of school, and ensure children develop the correct attitude to success and failure. Finally, the teacher training Gareth provided in the summer term has given me the confidence to disseminate cricketing skills to other members of staff during INSET.'

Lisa - Year 5 Teacher, Gorse Hall Primary School, Stalybridge

'The coaching that the children received last year from Gareth Moorhouse was great. The children really benefitted from a qualified coach taking the sessions, which led to an increase in the children's level of ability. During the lessons it was great to see the participation of children at all levels. It also helped myself and other staff involved as part of our own professional development in this area. The competitions organised enabled the children the opportunity to play against other children, but also an opportunity for them to meet local coaches which in turn encouraged quite a few children to take up cricket out of school time. Thanks again Gareth'

Tracey Brereton - Mottram C of E Primary

'Development & Coaching Officer, Fred Slater has been coming into our school for a number of years. He works with a range of ages across KS2 on a Wednesday morning. The staff and the children adore Fred. He is friendly, approachable, reliable and fantastic with the kids.'

Jen Church, PE coordinator - Bollinbrook Primary School

'We are now in our 3rd year with Chance to Shine and could not be happier. I cannot speak highly enough about Development & Coaching Officer, Gavin Colebourn. He is probably the best sports coach that I have seen in school. He is organised, easy to contact and most importantly is fantastic with the children. There is no doubt that the cricketing skills of our children are improving - in fact one boy now plays for Cheshire and many others play regularly at Heaton Mersey Cricket Club. The children play cricket every lunchtime in an organised fashion and love it. Our school takes part in all the competitions and seems to do ok. It is still difficult for teachers to go on courses as there is a time implication especially when it involves after school, but by watching Gavin every teacher has picked up ideas for teaching cricket.'

Lee McAlpine - Broadstone Hall Primary School, Stockport

'We at Broomfields are so please with the quality and the impact of the work that Bob Milne is doing with our children. He makes the cricket sessions with all year groups and children extremely interesting and enjoyable. The children really look forward to his sessions, learn and improve many cricketing skills through supportive feedback to them all and learn to be competitive in a sportsmanlike manner. Bob has gone to the trouble of setting up an interschool competition where classes within year groups compete against each other by how many points that can generate in the various sessions throughout the half term - the children thoroughly enjoy this side of it. The after school club which he runs is successful and the children love trying to improve their skills and play competitive cricket. I hope this explains how much we value Bob's input into cricket at Broomfields School.'

Rachel Morris, Deputy Headteacher, Broomfields School

'Development & Coaching Officer, Colin Grindey does cricket skills with our Yr 5 / 6 children allowing those who would not normally have access to a different sport a chance to show their ability and try out a sport using knowledge from a professional rather than just a member of staff. From the staff's point of view we can assess the children whilst watching and also gain knowledge ourselves to be able to continue once Colin has left. He is able to identify children with exceptional skills that then enables us to chose a team to represent the school in a local tournament. Colin has also offered after school clubs to other year groups.'

Jo Meyer, PLT - Hartford Manor CP School

Development & Coaching Officer, Gareth Moorhouse took over the Chance to Shine coaching in our area last year. He delivered some curriculum sessions as well as after school clubs. Our school staff were encouraged to join him during his coaching sessions and I was able to work along side him during the after school sessions. At the end of his time with us, I was able to continue with the after school cricket club. The fact that Gareth was coaching some children also gave me the opportunity to offer a girls' cricket club after school. This was well attended and, for the first time, we were able to field a girls' cricket team which took part in matches against local schools. We also had more boys playing competitive cricket last year than in previous years and more games were played against other schools. This year Gareth is doing a lunchtime club for us that being well attended. We also have a coach from our local cricket club who has offered to join him at lunchtime and help me with the after school club. This will again give us the chance to offer high quality coaching to a greater number of children. I have been greatly impressed by the enthusiasm and quality of all the sessions. Gareth's involvement with our school has certainly raised the profile of cricket. Although we always had cricket clubs after school in the past, we now have more players and they have more opportunity to play competitively, either against other schools or in intra school games. I hope that this excellent scheme is able to continue in the future.'

Kevin Beattie, PE Coordinator - Gee Cross Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

'Thank you for the chance to take part in the Chance to Shine scheme for the last 3 years which from our point of view has been a great success. We have been very fortunate in having Development & Coaching Officer, Gavin Colbourne as our coach. He is a talented and very inspiring man who engages the children well, encourages and praises them and delivers fantastic lessons. Children have participated in more competitions and have expressed interest in joining local clubs. Staff have learnt a great deal from Gavin's lessons and are now more confident in teaching cricket.'

Sarah Berry, PE co-ordinator - St George's C of E Primary School

'We have had Development & Coaching Officer, Mark Greaves in school working with the children and would like to say the teacher whose class he has worked with wanted to say that he is fantastic!! The kids have loved the sessions, he has a lovely way with the children and great ideas which we as a school can take on board. Other teachers now want him to work with their classes. The Chance to Shine Scheme is of great benefit to our school pupils and staff alike.'

Madeleine Ward - Upton CC and St. Josephs Catholic Primary, Birkenhead

'Development & Coaching Officer, Colin Grindey has been coming to our School regularly over the last two years. His coaching has had a very positive effect and has raised the profile of the game such that it is now one of the most popular games at playtime and for PE. The coaching activities are both fun and challenging and have really helped improve the confidence of the children especially girls in all aspects of the game. The children are always excited when Colin is due in as they know they are in for a fast paced and exciting PE lesson. He is always calm and encouraging, showing the children ways to improve techniques as well as making things more difficult for those who play cricket more regularly for a community team. I hope he will continue to be a very welcome presence next year.'

Angela Millar, PLT - St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School

'Thanks to Development & Coaching Officer, Gareth Moorhouse, the children have really enjoyed the Cricket Coaching. Gareth has really changed their minds about cricket and the staff have been very positive about the coaching and have asked for extra PE sessions to go out and do some more on their own. The children at first pulled a face at cricket, apparently because they said if you can't hit the ball you don't really do anything and you stand around a lot. Their attitude has completely reversed.'

Emma Roberts, Pinfold Primary, Hattersley

'We are in our second year of the Chance to Shine initiative which I feel is now having a great impact on cricket in this school. We have a large number of children attending our after school club and also have boys who have joined Irby CC. The success is due partly due to the great new ideas and activities which this initiative has now introduced making cricket a far more enjoyable activity but also to the coaches we have had. Graeme Rickman started the idea off very positively and his replacement Mark Greaves has proved to be outstanding. His relationship with all the children is really positive, they are enthusiastic and highy motivated and his range of warm ups and activities is excellent. I am very impressed with what he has achieved in the short time he has been with us. I realy feel that this scheme is certainly one of the best sporting initiatives I have been involved with and one that is really benefitting a large number of children.'

Dave Jones, PE Teacher - Thingwall Primary School, Wirral

'We are a small Church of England Primary School who for the past two years have benefitted from the Chance to Shine program. We have enjoyed expert coaching from Coach Education Manager, Graeme Rickman and Development & Coaching Officer, Mark Greaves. The children have gained in confidence and sportsmanship as well as the obvious development of their throwing/catching, fielding and striking skills. The children gain so much more from sessions when they are taught by experts who are so enthusiastic. Several children have joined the local cricket club as a result of the program many of whom have not shown much interest in sport up to now. We also had an after school cricket club during the summer term and took a team to the primary schools festival. Thank you for making this all possible and for enriching the sport experience we deliver in our school.'

Sally Tempest, P.E Coordinator, Dawpool Primary School, Wirral

'Development & Coaching Officer, Gareth Moorhouse has made a massive impression on both children and staff in our school. We are no longer afraid to have a go at coaching cricket or running an after school club. Hopefully this will continue for he has imparted us with the knowledge to have a go at teaching cricket, and also the confidence to enter tournaments in our locality.'

Debbie Carter, Learning Mentor - Oakfield Primary School

'I loved the Chance to Shine programme! The children were so enthusiastic about cricket and taking part in the programme. I know the Year 4 children particularly enjoyed it. They were quite a challenging year group and the class teacher was able to use cricket on Friday afternoon as a bribe all week! It promoted good behaviour and a healthy sense of competition. As an impartial observer I noticed a huge amount of progress in the children's ability. They all achieved something in the lessons and knew themselves that they were gradually getting better. This made the hard work in the lessons seem worthwhile and gave them all a huge sense of achievement.'

Rebecca Norris, PE Co-ordinator - St Josephs, Sale

'Before Chance to Shine the children were reluctant to try new sports and football was the game of choice on the playground at break. Not only did the children grow to love the sessions in curriculum time but almost every break and lunchtime the children would demand a cricket set to play with! The varied games they were taught in the curriculum sessions were so straight forward and varied that the children were able to play in small groups or classes with ease during breaks. The length of time the sessions were delivered for was also very beneficial as the children's skills progressed so much and they began peer teaching other classes during breaks. One child in particular sums the Chance to Shine sessions up, he was new to the school and quite reluctant to show any enthusiasm for PE. After the sessions he is now so settled with the other children and cannot stop running around and competing in PE lessons! I know personally that I thoroughly enjoyed the competitive nature of the Chance to Shine sessions. Having a specialised coach to deliver the lessons enabled me to observe techniques and develop my own subject knowledge. Also the fact that I was able to join in with the children help build a positive and happy relationship, which improved some children's attitudes in class. I would be more than happy to take part in more sessions with new or existing classes and I know the children are keen to play in the team next year and get all children in Trafford playing cricket.'

Alison Padmore, PE Co-ordinator - Lime Tree Primary School, Sale

'My class was fortunate enough to take part in the Chance to Shine programme. It was extremely well planned to meet the needs of all of the children in my class. The coaches were child-friendly and immediately made them feel at ease as well as enthusiastic about the sport. They also encouraged the teachers to join in and participate in lessons. Each week the sessions built on previous learning and introduced skills that were invaluable to the game of cricket. The children particularly enjoyed working hard to win the weekly trophy. My class enjoyed it so much that we regularly played on other afternoons when the coaches were not in school. Team work greatly improved with the children. They wanted to help each other to succeed. This then helped with other activities in and out of class. They also found it really enjoyable to play with the children from Lime Tree School. A good way of meeting children from another school. They got to know these children well over the weeks during tournaments and looked forward to games when we were all together. My new class have already asked me when we are doing cricket again as most of these children were in the other class having cricket coaching at the same time as mine last year. A great success for the children at Worthington.'

Alison English, Year 3 / 4, Worthington Primary School, Sale