SCHOOL children throughout Cheshire continue to be enthused and inspired by their participation in cricket thanks to a flourishing partnership between the Cheshire Cricket Board and Chance to Shine.

Through a dedicated team of Coaching and Development Officers, the Cheshire Cricket Board delivers a comprehensive programme of competitive matches and curriculum coaching, with children also encouraged to pursue their passion outside the school gates.
The project is funded by The Cricket Foundation through 'Chance to Shine', a nationwide coaching scheme which aims to deliver cricket to a third of all state schools by 2015.
The Cheshire Cricket Board was chosen by Chance to Shine to deliver the project in Cheshire, where more than 47,000 children have been engaged in cricket since 2008 alone.
In that time CCB has delivered almost 9,000 hours of curriculum coaching, with over 4,500 hours devoted to the playing of intra (within school) and inter (between schools) matches.
This has inspired more than 2,000 youngsters to join their local cricket club, many of whom had never picked up a bat and ball before the scheme began. And in 2011, Cheshire-based Sale Cricket Club was awarded Chance to Shine Project of the Year at the Brit Insurance Annual Achievement Awards held at Lord's.

The Cheshire Cricket Board's coaches have already begun delivery for the 2011/12 academic year, and CCB Director of Cricket Richard Newton is excited about the future. "We are delighted with our continued association with Chance to Shine, which has already benefitted thousands of children throughout the county," he said.
"Our team of Coaching and Development Officers works extremely hard to deliver quality sessions in primary and secondary schools, and this is reflected in the feedback we get from pupils and staff members alike.
"Chance to Shine is a fantastic initiative which has the capacity to empower children to develop through cricket.
He added: "The Cheshire Cricket Board is proud to be part of the scheme and looks forward to a long and successful relationship."

Chance to Shine aims to leave a legacy of cricket in each participating school, and to ensure sustainability, staff members are given formal training in how to deliver lessons.
Hundreds of teachers have enhanced their knowledge through working alongside the Cheshire coaches, while to date more than 100 have attended an official 'Cricket For Teachers' course.

Nationally, Chance to Shine is now running in 4,000 schools and 1.5 million children have enjoyed cricketing opportunities as a result.
But Chance to Shine is not just about cricket. Young people involved in the programme are developing essential life skills and values, such as leadership, discipline, teamwork and understanding how to win and lose. The coaches promote the Spirit of Cricket message through competitive school matches, with trophies and stickers given out to those who play within the 'spirit of the game'. It's an approach that the teachers support wholeheartedly, and many have noticed the children's attitudes change in other aspects of their school life.
One teacher at Gorse Hall Primary School (Stalybridge) noted: "I believe the greatest impact on the children is in their attitude to fair play, good sportsmanship and respect for others involved in the game. This is an area which will impact on all aspects of sport, both within and outside of school, and ensure children develop the correct attitude to success and failure."

Chance to Shine was created not to unearth the next generation of England stars, but to promote a healthy lifestyle and the development of social skills through competitive cricket opportunities. Cheshire Cricket Board remains fully committed to achieving this goal within the county, as Development and Coaching Officer Gareth Moorhouse explains.
"We are all extremely passionate about cricket and we want to share that passion with every child we coach," he said.
"By giving these opportunities to school children, we are creating a pathway between the educational setting and club cricket throughout the county.
"And whether the children go on to join a club or not, the main goal is to ensure everyone enjoys the sport and learns something along the way."

Cheshire Cricket Board's Coaches continue to inspire our school children's participation in cricket.
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