THE influence of Chance to Shine is spreading to all corners of Cheshire, with pupils and teachers from across the Wirral among the latest to sing the scheme's praises.

Coaching on the peninsula is being led by Owen Williamson, a Cheshire Cricket Board Development & Coaching Officer who has left a legacy of passion for the game wherever he has visited.
"Class 11 have thoroughly enjoyed their cricket with Owen this term," said one staff member from St Alban's Primary in Wallasey. "They learned a great deal about the basic skills involved and were enthusiastic and responsive to all of Owen's instructions. The Chance to Shine scheme is a great initiative and we are now looking forward to the competition this summer."

This sentiment has been echoed at primary and secondary schools across the region, with one teacher from Eastway School describing Chance to Shine as "perfect".
She said: "To watch how much the children have progressed in their cricket skills has been wonderful.
"The skills were taught with a sense of fun, purpose and enjoyment. The children particularly enjoyed putting their new found skills to use in the games we played every session. If you want your pupils to develop their skills in cricket then these Chance to Shine coaching sessions are perfect."

Owen is employed by the Cheshire Cricket Board to create links between schools and clubs, a role he has performed with distinction on the Wirral since joining the company in 2010.
His outgoing nature and dynamic approach has inspired many youngsters to take up the game and clubs are now starting to feel the benefit, with more than 50 new boys and girls joining junior sections in the last two years alone.

Many Wirral-based teachersare now confident in delivering cricket sessions too, with one of the key aims of Chance to Shine to make the sport sustainable in educational settings.
"Thank you to Owen Williamson for the curriculum cricket coaching which he delivered to our school children," said one teacher from Heswall Primary School.
"I have seen an increase in the children practising their cricket skills during play and lunch times (both from the boys and girls). Owen's professional attitude and excellent coaching has enabled the children to develop skills and a love for the game of cricket. "The staff have also commented how much they have enjoyed and learned from the sessions."

Owen added: "Coaching on the Wirral is always fun because everyone is so keen to get involved.
"Chance to Shine is giving children an opportunity to acquire new skills, make new friends and enjoy all the benefits of playing the sport we love.
"I hope our relationship with Chance to Shine continues to flourish because the scheme is certainly having a positive impact around the county."