Support from Business Energy Direct for AppletonCricket Club


Appleton CC completed the construction of a new pavilion in January 2006, with a new electricity supply to the premises. The supply was installed by Scottish Electricity.

No bills had been received in respect of the supply until a reminder letter (dated 16th July 2011) was received addressed to our Secretary’s home address from E.ON requesting immediate payment of £5,306.18 in relation to the electricity supply

This was the first contact E.ON made to Appleton CC and there was no back up to the bill.

We contacted E.ON and requested back up to the charge. An invoice dated 1st July 2011 was provided by e mail on 2nd August 2011. The invoice covered 6 years from 25th October 2005 to 1st July 2011. The first actual reading was February 2011.

The bill contained 6 rate increases none of which had been communicated.

We paid 50% of the bill in August 2011, leaving £2,653.09 outstanding.  A bill was received for July and August containing a further rate increasing the total outstanding to £3,336.53.

E.ON were unwilling to negotiate or offer terms for settlement of longer than 9 months and reminder letters were received along with threats of disconnection.

At this point we received a timely circular from Mike Woollard (Cheshire Cricket Board Club Development Manager) about the services of Business Energy Direct.

I contacted their representative Greg Batty on 3rd October who said we had a good case to argue. Within 14 days the 6 year bill had been re-evaulated on lower rates. Reducing the total outstanding to £1,100.

With Greg’s further help E.ON agreed to accept a payment of £500 in respect of final settlement. The total saving to Appleton CC was £2,836.53. After a commission payable to Business Energy Direct the net saving to us was £2,269.22

Business Energy Direct also put us on a contract with another provider at significantly lower rates than E.ON charged us which will reduce our annual bill to around £500.

In summary a one off saving of £2,269.22 plus approximately £600 per year going forward and the matter was resolved within 4 weeks from engaging Business Energy Direct.